The Dungeon Run

The Dungeon Run

HD IMDB: 9.2 2019 0 min
The Dungeon Run is an actual play Dungeons and Dragons show that has been enchanting audiences of all ages since 2019 with their incredible story, characters, visuals, live music and viewer interactivity. Join our outstanding team of Dungeon Masters and the heroes of our stories as they fight to save the world from mysterious enemies with magic, love, wit, and... lots of costumes.

Release: 2019-04-24


Casts: Jarred Kjack, Morgan Peter Brown, Katie Michels, Ronald Ogden, Jessica Lynn Parsons, Surena Marie, Kari Lee Cartwright, Adam Slemon, Josephine McAdam

Duration: 0 min

Countries: US

Production: Caffeine Creations, HKBB, LLC