Project 863

Project 863

HD IMDB: 9.5 2021 0 min
Get ready for an adventure like no other! When curiosity leads Matt and his team to unlock the secrets of the unknown, they find themselves on a mission that will push their limits and test their courage. But with each twist and turn, the stakes get higher and the suspense builds. The team sets out to uncover the truth behind a stolen LAPD case, but what they discover is a sinister force beyond their wildest nightmares. In a race against time, they must navigate a web of lies and deceit as they collect the final pieces of the Life's Blood serum and face off against their deadliest enemy yet. Will they be able to stop the Phantom and save the world, or will they become the next victims? Join the Project 863 team on a pulse-pounding journey of survival and discovery in this thrilling adventure.

Release: 2021-01-15

Genre: Mystery, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Casts: Matthew Fredrick, Samantha Fekete, Woodland Demars, Bailey Petracek, Hannah Cullen, Kyle Colton

Duration: 0 min

Countries: US

Production: spellbound